Unique Ways To Use A Spare Room

By Rakesh Singh, TheSoko.com
[Let's Get Personal]
Don’t know what to do with that extra room? Rakesh Singh gives you some helpful tips.
You’ve recently gotten that big raise and you have moved into that new condo downtown. Or maybe your annoying roommate has finally paid his half of the utilities and has packed up and left for good.

Whatever the reason, you have a spare room and you want to play interior designer. You want to do something more exciting than having an extra guest room. The only problem is where to begin?

Before you pickup any furniture or start, the room needs to have a purpose and an identity. So, how do you fill that empty space inside your home? Why not try giving these ideas some thought.

Lounge or Bar Area

A lounge area or bar can really be functional for hosting events and dinner parties. Whether it’s a group of friends or business associates - you’ll have a room for sitting, schmoozing, and relaxing.

Thegoal for this room is to create an environment that is conducive for engaging in these types of activities. For this reason, decorate the room with conversation-inspiring art pieces and deco art. Comfort is also important, so you can’t go wrong with little flourishes like throw pillows and candles.

Try to maximize seating yet allow the room to have space and depth. A lounge room could easily be centered by a nice coffee table. Whatever you do, try to keep the television out. Nothing can kill the conversation more than a zombie box. Leave the television to the living room.

Gaming Room

This is every guy’s college dream. Gaming rooms can be fun if you have the space. However, nothing is worse than a wicked looking pool table that you can’t play because the walls are too close. If the room is too small for a pool table why not consider picking up an air hockey table or a foosball table? They are just as fun and come in a variety of styles and sizes.

If you are more technically inclined, why not take a look around and pickup that arcade game from your youth that you still yearn to play. These can get expensive but your buddies will just drop their jaws.

Movie Room

This is every guy’s geek-fuelled dream. Not to be confused with a living room or the game room - a movie room is an all-leather, high-definition, surround-sound space devoted only to the best in digital excitement.

This is a place to watch the big game, hook-up and play that PS3, and to prove that going out to the movies is for suckers. If you do decide to take your spare room in this direction - make sure the room has enough space to accommodate all your technology and the required seating.

When choosing a leather couch look for one that is overflowing. An overflowing couch allows you to sink in and get comfortable.

Home Office or Study

What? You gave up bringing work home in grade school. Why would you want an office? In today’s high-paced society, the need for a workspace at the homestead is rapidly becoming a requirement.

A home office is a great place to get taxes and bills done, your to-do lists organized, and is a great home for your desktop computer. The best aspect of a home office is that it allows you to have a distraction-free space designated to getting work done.


Maybe you are the type of person who would prefer thumbing through the latest bestselling paperback over watching the tripe that comes out of Hollywood. If so, why not convert your spare room into a room dedicated to showcasing your collection of Romantic poems and Renaissance plays?

A home library will definitely add an aura of sophistication and majesty to your home. If you are building a library remember to choose high quality shelving units and don’t forget to get a comfortable chair, a soft wool blanket, and a high quality ottoman to allow for maximum comfort when curling up with that new book.

Creative Studio

Are you an aspiring musician? Got artistic talent? Why not turn your spare room into a creative area to foster your natural talent? Whether you play an instrument, write, or paint – creating a designated studio for producing and practicing your skills can substantially foster your creative developments. Try putting up encouraging quotations to help you get in the creative mood.

Home Gym or Yoga

Everyone wants to look their best, but yet everyone makes excuses about the difficultly of getting out to the gym. If you have the space, why not get the equipment and workout at home?

It might be expensive at first but you’ll eventually save on the costly monthly fees. You’ll never be able to use an excuse for not working out ever again!

plan ahead

The most important factor when deciding what to do with a spare room is assessing your needs and than giving the room a specific identity and then going from there. If you don’t, you’ll find your spare room will soon become just another storage area.